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Open notes of yuhangch

O - Organized P - Positive E - Energetic N - Noteworthy


The main technology stack of this page is introduced on the cover of the tech-stack.

建站的原始动力来自仿生猫不会梦见电子猫粮DemoChen’s Clip,看着他们对生活充满热情的记录,自己也想试试。

The original motivation for setting up the site came from observing 仿生猫不会梦见电子猫粮DemoChen’s Clip. Watching their passionate documentation of their lives, I also wanted to give it a try.


After careful considerations, I decided to build such a place to reduce the constraints of blog output, focus on content recording intentionally, mainly for my own records. There is no complex technical problem, more as an online notebook📒 that I can access at any time. If the content generated in the process can help others incidentally, it will add more value.

过程中也尝试了mediawikitiddlywiki,最终还是选择了自己更熟悉的静态的方式,也许这就是我的舒适区了🤦‍♂️,另一方面,对于自己对外的站包括博客文集,还是希望有最高的可用性,用静态的方式,虽然牺牲了随时随地编辑的便捷性,但考虑到自己此类内容基本都要坐到电脑旁,就也还好,托管在vercel或者cf pages上面,也减少了自己人工维护的精力消耗。

During the process, I also tried mediawiki and tiddlywiki, but eventually chose a static method that I am more familiar with. Perhaps this is my comfort zone 🤦‍♂️. On the other hand, regarding the sites I own, including blogs and anthologies, I still hope to maintain the highest usability. The static method, although it sacrifices the convenience of editing anytime and anywhere, considering that such content is mostly composed while sitting by the computer, it’s not too bad. Hosting on vercel or cf pages also reduces the energy consumption of manual maintenance.


  • obsidian iOS 端不支持OneDrive同步。
  • 对于一些需要mdx才能展示的更丰富的内容,需要使用其他的编辑器编辑。

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